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Bull Bear Analysis Stock screening System

One super simple and direct stock screening system
Screen through all Bull stocks at Stage 1 in 10 seconds
And allows you to avoid Stage 234 Bear stocks


Be able to spot
Bull Stocks at Stage 1
at the
best possible timing

Avoid Bear Stocks at
Stage 2, 3 and 4
and at the same time
be able to short it

One simple, direct and easy use system catering for 4 different countries
(MY, US, SG, HK)


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Performance of Entering Stocks at Stage 1

Performance of Shorting Stocks at Stage 2, 3 and 4

Caters to 5 Different Stock Market

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Justin H'ng (Ex-Banker)
Justin H'ng (Ex-Banker)30 June
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Duration : 5 weeks Realised Trades:19 (17 win, 2 loss) Average return per trade: 10.76% Overall CapGain in 5 weeks: 27.5% I'm a total newbie to the stock market. Those with technical analysis skills should be able to get better results with better entry and exits. Ps: The daily analysis provided by the team via WhatsApp is also very useful for newbies.
Teoh Leok San (Retired Teacher)
Teoh Leok San (Retired Teacher)6 July
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Excellent software.u get back the amount u paid for your software in one day trading only!
Warren Mak (Ex- Bursa HOD and Financial Influencer)
Warren Mak (Ex- Bursa HOD and Financial Influencer)1 July
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Congratulations to team V-Invest for creating a simple to use yet practical stocks screening system. Complicated system features and complex indicators could be the top few complaints made by stock screener users. The additional value of this system is their regular (currently is daily) message support (on top of system alerts) to update users on the potential new bull stocks when they meet the overall selection criteria ( or removal from the potential list when they meet exit criteria). This will help users make better investing and trading decisions. Position traders and most retail investors who are patient to wait for good entry point in exchange for higher potential returns, may find this system suitable. Recommended for general retail investors.
Daniel Low (Business Owner)
Daniel Low (Business Owner)7 July
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Very user friendly and simple to use. Being a member since 2 months ago, I have recovered my investment cost and reaping my profits now. Very satisfied member.
Timothy Wei (Financial Advisor)
Timothy Wei (Financial Advisor) 5 August
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非常直接,没有废话的教学~ 直接用了1234 图表来分析股市~ 大大降低了投资风险 ~ 新手也可以很容易了解~😁
Thomas Leong (Senior Engineer)
Thomas Leong (Senior Engineer)6 Aug
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Strongly recommend techniques by V Invest on the Bull-Bear Analysis. This technique is very straightforward without any complicated indicators and the recognition of 1-2-3-4 pattern can be done practically.
Syed Fhaisal Alhabshi (Senior Engineer)
Syed Fhaisal Alhabshi (Senior Engineer)7 Aug
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Sharing of proven technique and analysis that is simple, easy and straightforward to understand and apply. Of course the more you practice the more accurate your results will be.
Hector Kuek
Hector Kuek31 July
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来上 ming 导师的课之前其实纠结了很多,因为上了很多 webinar 个个都说到感觉很好但是最终选择了来吃牛熊面哈哈,上了今天的课感觉是没选错了,1234 牛熊面真的就是那么简单明了让我可以花少少时间就过滤掉那些不符合需求的股票把最好的选出来。上了课马上应用了所学的选出了两个符合的股接下来就看看结果如何吧!这课很适合好像我这种对股票小白因为真的不会好像外面教的课那么复杂很难理解,希望来上课的大家可以一起在股市闯出一片天吧!

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