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Here's 4 Things You Must Know Before the Workshop

1. Block out 2 HOURS: Since you have registered for this workshop, I would believe you have also registered for many other workshops or webinars out there as well

This one will be very different from all those you have registered because you will be learning an all-new concept in this workshop that you do not see out there. I have made it very simple for you to understand this new concept and all will be revolving around 1 simple picture which tells the truth of the market

2. Set a reminder: Set your calendars and alarms to make sure that you don’t miss out on the workshop! I will also be sending few emails to you before the workshop, so be sure to keep a lookout in your inbox (do check your junk mail just in case if you did not receive)!

3. Show Up Early: You have spent time to register for this workshop, so do make sure to show up on time so that you will not miss any content that will be shared in the workshop itself. 

4. IMPORTANT- THERE IS A BLACKLIST SYSTEM IN PLACE: Do take note that if you do not show up for this workshop, you may be put into a blacklist, where you could be prevented from attending our future workshops or seminars. We are doing this because we want people who are committed in improving themselves towards their own success

Feel free to invite your friends and family too! All you need is to copy the following link and send it to them

I look forward to share with you this new concept very soon!

Sin, your workshop host

Here's How People From Different Background Have Benefitted from our Workshop

James Ngu, Property Investor

"V Invest - The best of Both Worlds, System Help to Earn More Passive Income"

In the pass, I have joined many classes from many gurus over the years, but these gurus that I followed are not able to let me profit consistently every month. Sometimes profit but most of the time loss.

Then I attended V Invest workshop and I was amazed with how simple the stock market is actually but a lot of investors are making it complicated and trapped in the wrong cycle.

In V Invest, following the simple system from the coaches, I managed to profit almost every month consistently and if you are looking for a community, I will highly recommend V Invest!

Yap, Software Engineer

"Investing systematically is the key to have more cashflow"

I have many mind-blown moments where I wonder how could a person keep collecting high-end guitars that is worth Rm10-20k every 2 weeks and also pay a single live broadcast session RM40k

I then came by a mentor and realised that investing is the key towards these cash flow, just imagine your net worth is RM100,000,000, RM40k is just 40cts in RM1,000. So I decided to look for classes to attend and came by V Invest. I have learnt from V Invest what is the foundation of the market and how to know whether the stock is Bull or Bear in a very simple and straightforward method

As it is so simple, I am able to apply immediately right after learning it and I am very happy with my results where I am actually getting a return of 20% over 2 months where I thought 20% over year is very good. Thanks to V Invest!

Meikay, Housewife

"I realised that there are many Bull stocks in the market, you just need to know how to find it"

I used to only listen to a famous Stock Guru to keep buy into glove related stocks because it is good in fundamental. Where in the end it cause me to lose all my profits and became a loss.

Until I met V Invest and realised that in the stock market there are not only fundamental stocks like Topglov to buy and when the stock is Bull its time to buy and when it has start to show sign of Bear I will need to sell it, just that simple.

As I understood the system that V Invest has, I sold off my glove stocks that are already in sign of Bear and bought into Bull stocks where it recovered all my losses from the glove counters and start profiting. Appreciate much to V Invest!

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