The Secret to be Successful in the Stock Market all lies within this 1 picture!

Once you understand this picture, you will start to see real positive changes in your investment

Yes! It is just 1 2 3 4 only

Bull Bear Analysis is really really as simple as 1234

But! Many people still does not know it even it is so simple

Most of the stocks especially in Malaysia stocks are having this pattern

Understanding Bull Bear Analysis is very important for you because


If you are a new in the stock market and you kickstart investing without knowing this
1 2 3 4 picture you will confirm lose

Old Birds

If you are in the market for some time and you are still losing after so long, this missing piece which is the 1234 picture,
is the reason for it

Let's hear what some of our members
that learnt Bull Bear Analysis got to say

80% investors dont know Bull Bear Analysis
They only know Fundamental, Technical, Banker or Tips only
That's why they always end up buying into stocks at 2, 3 and 4

Bought at Point 2 following TIPS

This stock the target price is RM3!!!
Got projects announcing soon!!!
Can give good earnings!!!
You see what happens

Bought at Point 3 following Technical

This stock is still on uptrend!!!
Can buy for rebound!!!
If it breaks previous high it can go higher!!!
You see what happens

Bought at Point 2 and 3 following Fundamental

The stock fundamental is very good!!!
Future earnings will be very good!!!
Company fair value is much higher than now!!!
You see what happens

That's why even you know many methods
You are always on the wrong side of the game
Wrong timing always, either too late or early
and lose money 8 or 9 out of 10 times
If not then it would be winning small like penny size, losing big like a house

The truth to win in the stock market game is you need to look at it like constructing a building

You need to get the foundation right and solid, then you will be able to see your building go tall and stable

Bull Bear Analysis will allow you to:

You can buy into any rising Bull stocks at the best possible timing

You will not take the risk to chase high

You will not buy into stocks that are going to fall or continue falling

You will not buy way too early in the stock

Who are We?


Founder of Omnigo x Vinvest


Co-Founder of Omnigo x Vinvest

We have
helped more than 3,000 members and clients
to finally making consistent profit
with the right method Bull Bear Analysis

By helping people, it has brought us to achieve the
Top Platinum Million Dollar Broker Award for 4 consecutive years
in one of the biggest broker in town

Let's hear what our members from different background has to say

Try our best to help 80% of investors that make losses to finally know the right method, Bull Bear Analysis, to consistently beat the market

To help investors to treat the stock market as a real investment ground, because losing investment is not investment, its liability

To become the most influential stock community in the market so that we can reach out and empower more people

In this FREE Bull Bear Analysis workshop, we will let you understand:

Secret #1

What is Bull Bear Anlaysis and how could it help in telling you which analysis is suitable for you?

Secret #2

Understanding what is the 5 biggest problems you have to change with this simple 1234 picture

Secret #3

How to use and apply this 1234 picture in your investment?

You may choose to leave today
But you will forever be the same

You will not know Bull Bear Analysis
and continue to buy stocks at 234 and not 1

If you are looking to improve in the stock market
No matter you are a newbie or oldbird

You really need to come and get your foundation right
Learn up 1234!
Learn up Bull Bear Analysis!

Losing Investment is NOT Investment
Its Liability!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For the past 1 to 2 years, the global market is indeed getting more complicated and it is going up and down like a roller coaster, couple with the pandemic itself, retailers that are not really good in the stock market are facing more pain in the market which resulted in 80% of the retailers not being able to really investing and profit in the stock market 

Even though the market is getting more complicated, there are still opportunity in it so long you have a certain technique and we have it for you. We do not go by luck but based on what we really know and what we have tested and proven

The stock market has always got the good and the bad time, the most important is you have this 1 steady method to use regardless how the market is

So see you in the workshop and let’s grow together!

We felt sad seeing too many investors trying to participate and profit from the stock market but after so long paying so much money attending so many classes, they still could not achieve it.

So, on the basis of giving back to the community, it becomes our mission to help as many investors as possible. And this is one of our personal dream to be the most influential community out there that would be able to help more people and allow many to do more things for the bigger community.

Being able to help other people in something I am passionate about is really great soI look forward to see you in the workshop!

Bull Bear Analysis is a brand new concept which is simple yet practical to be used for all types of investors be it you are a newbie or old bird. Bull Bear Analysis is the foundation of the market and it is as simple as 1234. 

We have designed it to be very straightforward and simple, where whoever that uses it will be on the same page and it will not be subjective and different like finding support resistance for each person, or understanding the fundamental of the company on a different view. We know this is a common problem many who have attended classes around faces, that’s why we spent time to design these concept which is standardise and easy to use

Aside this Bull Bear Analysis is useful through multiple investments instruments such as stocks, to cryptocurrencies, to derivatives as well

Look forward to see you in the workshop!

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